Welcome to Compulsive Casino! In this game you play as the protagonist known as Thomas, who heavily enjoys the thrill of gambling. Follow his story as he plays through many entertaining games in his local casino to try and become Gamebullville's richest resident. Have you got what it takes?


Use the arrow keys to move, Z to interact, and the left shift key.


This game was made in 7 days for the Community Game Jam 2019.


Vedal - Developer, Programmer

Pb - Art, Audio

Tomyomy - Writing, Story

The games are rigged, they lie

Feedback is always appreciated!


Compulsive Casino.zip 76 MB

Install instructions

The game should theoretically run better as an executable, although it hasn't been tested, so use with caution as the browser version should run fine.


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A cute way to make what otherwise would be a pretty boring minigame collection very compelling.  I admire your cleverness.